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Providence, RI


A lifestyle, a brand, a way of being.  Shoppe Pioneer is a Women's Fashion & lifestyle boutique in downtown Providence, RI.


Your guide to layering

Natalie Morello

Now that the holidays are behind us, I believe everyone is looking forward to the spring and hoping for some warm weather soon. But while we wait, we might as well dress for the season! One of my favorite parts about the cold is layering. Because sometimes you just don't know what to wear… so you wear it all, right? One might think that while its brutally cold its harder to dress stylish, but we're here to help you look the part and stay warm at the same time!

Some of the easiest ways to layer are with cardigans. Cardigans are good to throw over a slouchy t-shirt, a long sleeved top, a dress or even a chic button up. Chunky sweaters are great because while they keep you warm, they are also a great layering piece. Try adding a sweater over a nice button up or a polyester blouse. Some fashionistas even add a sweater over their dress. But layering doesn't just stop at your tops, you can layer all the way down to your toes. Next time you're wearing a skirt, add some tights then add a nice pair of socks, before you put your booties on. You can also layer your necklaces. Many brands are pairing a few together to give you that look. And of course you can always add scarves and beanies to any outfit, to keep you warm and to add another article of clothing to the layering look. Pinterest is a great place to look for some inspiration, which is where all these photos came from. How will you layer this winter? XX - ShoppePioneer