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The Art of the Perfect Brow


The Art of the Perfect Brow

Natalie Morello

No look is complete without the perfect Eyebrow, but there are so many ways it can go so so wrong. Don't you worry I'm hear to help you avoid the wrongs and take the proper steps to master the perfect eye brow in a sweep. The most important part to remember is that you are beautiful without any makeup so don't let anyone steal that away from you! At the end of the day you like to boost your confidence with bold lip colors and flawless lashes, and soon you can finish your look with these brow tips.

I'm going to break things down into steps that way its easier to grasp

Step One: Finding the perfect fit- Know what shape is going to fit your face best, sometimes that means you may need to go through a grow out phase in order to achieve that desired shape. When it comes to shaping, leave it to the professionals weather your waxing, threading or tweezing. Its better for them to do the hard work and for you to just do the little stray up keep.

Step Two: Finding the right products- There are many products to choose from don't be overwhelmed from all the powders, gels and pencils. Go to your local Sephora, Ulta or favorite cosmetics counter to have them help you get the perfect fit. Color and texture can be a make it or break it factor, don't over to do it! You just want to enhance your natural beauty, not mask it, very important.

Step Three: Finding the right tools- Depending on the products you choose some tools are required. An angled brush is your friend, allowing perfect easy strokes. I've also found that an eyeliner brush makes a perfect substitute. I also suggest investing in an eyebrow/eyelash groomer to keep ever hair going in the right direction.

Step Four: Finishing touches- Highlight and define, after all what good is hard work without a little extra attention. Brow highlight just like filler comes in all different forms, some liquid, some shimmer while others are matte. It's all based on preference, switch it up daily or stick to the same routine its totally up to you.

Step Five: Practice practice practice- It's going to take some time before you master the proper techniques for your brows. Before you know it, you'll be a pro and won't think twice about why you never filled them in before. Watch as your face transforms, into an fierce version of yourself, and there's turning back, unless its a lazy Sunday of course!


Visit the link below for an awesome tutorial!