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A lifestyle, a brand, a way of being.  Shoppe Pioneer is a Women's Fashion & lifestyle boutique in downtown Providence, RI.


New Years Eve Around The World

Natalie Morello

For those of us in the United States, New Years Eve is celebrated watching the ball drop in New York City. The night is filled with lots of champagne and good company. For us fashionistas we focus on our outfit, usually involving some sort of sparkle. But for those around the world their traditions differ from ours. Keep reading to see how they ring in the New Year.

Russia: If you're brave, you'll write down your new years wish, burn it, then drink it with your champagne when the clock strikes midnight. They also celebrate with a NYE tree and a Santa-like character hands out gifts.

Philippines: While we enjoy wearing sparkles for the festivities, these natives chose polka dots. They also carry around coins in their pockets that signify prosperity. 

Greece: We're all familiar with carolers during Christmas, but would you believe those in Greece continue that tradition through NYE? They also turn the lights off before midnight and turn them on as soon as the new year hits. This signifies viewing the new year with "fresh eyes".

Brazil: Brazilians ward off the bad spirits of the past year by wearing all white on NYE. They also jump over seven waves and throw flowers in the sea to symbolize good luck.

China: The Chinese celebrate the New Year, by painting the door of their house red which symbolizes happiness and good fortune. And of course they invented fireworks, so you can imagine their displays are out of this world.

Cuba: These natives wish for travel opportunities in the new year by circling their entire house with a suitcase.. (I might have to try this one out!)

Spain: The Spanish tradition is to eat 12 grapes before the clock rings midnight. They believe it will bring them good fortune for the next 12 months.

Chile: If you are looking for a year filled with lots of work and money, eat a spoonful of lentils to ensure this luck!


How will you ring in the New Year?