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253 S. Main St.
Providence, RI


A lifestyle, a brand, a way of being.  Shoppe Pioneer is a Women's Fashion & lifestyle boutique in downtown Providence, RI.


Let's Play Dress Up!

Natalie Morello

Ladies!!! We are known for our great fashion sense. They are a lot of variety for us to choose from. Being a woman, you admire other people’s fashion sense but sometimes, we know that we particularly cannot wear everything.

So Ladies what would you wear if you were another girl?

In my opinion, I love the way I dress but then they are other people I see that look great in something that I know I wouldn't be able to pull off. If I were another girl, I would want to be Katy Perry. I feel that Katy Perry has that sense of style that is daring. She try’s different looks and she is never afraid to show it. From the hair colors, short hair or long hair, crazy candy to classic chic looks, she is the epitome of beauty and definitely pulls off anything with the amazing body that she has. These looks I would want to wear.


So what about the guys?? Ladies what would you wear if you were a guy?

Pharrell hands down. Pharrell style is out of this world. He has the most talked about fashion sense and since the Grammy’s when he wore the infamous hat, he's been drawing more attention to his wardrobe style. He can dress up and dress down and still look good. Let’s not forget about his flawless skin, does he even age? Whatever Pharrell uses to still make him look like he is twenty years old I want it and I want it now. In my eyes, I can definitely say that Pharrell likes to take a lot of risks and shows his personality through his clothing. So these are the looks that I would wear.