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Providence, RI


A lifestyle, a brand, a way of being.  Shoppe Pioneer is a Women's Fashion & lifestyle boutique in downtown Providence, RI.


Word on the Street!!!

Natalie Morello

Shoppe Pioneer is the place to be. With all these different fun events, there are new items that have arrived that will be great for a playful look. As Coachella kicks off festival season, one of the things that come to mind is what to wear. The music and the arts festival is one of the biggest events where music and fashion can go hand and hand. It’s a great way to express your own charm and own sense of style.

So what to look for?

Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals that take place in California. Although it is the biggest music festival, more music festivals are happening this season. Music festivals are basically the ideal for fashion. People come and dress with different styles that are amazingly over the top but expresses who they are. The crazy head pieces and crazy outfits are statement pieces.  So look for different and unique statement pieces that will make your look over the top.

What are the trends you see?

Top 5 trends you will see at the music festivals this year are:

1. BOHO MEETS TRENDY. There are a lot of bohemian styled looks that are trending. Go classic Boho in style of the 70’s music icons such as Stevie Nicks.


2. BRIGHT COLORS. Bring out that bright dress or top. Neons and bright colors is also what you will be seeing a lot. Go for bold bright colors that are slightly understated. 

3. FLORALS. Flower power, florals have been trending for a while. From head pieces to accessories and outfits. Florals are taking over the Musical festivals and are a cute flirty trend.

4. PRINTS. Prints on prints are what’s new for this season. From print dresses all the way to print shoes. You will definitely see a lot more prints in this season. Prints on prints give off a slightly vintage look and a retro vibe that might  not be for everyone but if you can rock it go for this look.

5. BLACK AND WHITE.  Whether it is striped or just a plain white top, black and white bottoms. Black and white is that classic look that will never go out of  style.