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A lifestyle, a brand, a way of being.  Shoppe Pioneer is a Women's Fashion & lifestyle boutique in downtown Providence, RI.

Sequins, Sequins, Sequins


Sequins, Sequins, Sequins

Natalie Morello

Many fashionistas put this trend away in the 90’s. Now, the same fashionistas are wondering why they left these eye-catching items in their closet for so long. Can you guess what trend is making a comeback?  Sequins! This awesome trend is my favorite way to glam up any outfit. Yours too, once you see all the different ways you can wear it.

This winter, we are seeing sequins in a tasteful way for everyone to enjoy. Designers go outside of their comfort zone of classic black sequins and take a walk on the wild side into the Winter 2013/14 royal colors. Sequins are being made in reds, deep purples, golds, emerald greens, and royal blues. Dresses galore are in stores for the winter season, but now we are seeing blazers and sweatshirts with sequins.

Shoppe Pioneer received a red, sexy sequin dress and within 20 minutes, we had an abundance of on-lookers and shoppers. Who knew a firey red sequin dress would cause that much attention?! It wasn’t even in the window display! To see everyone’s faces stop in awe when they walked past the store was exhilarating.

Blog- Sequin.jpg

"The Sing Off" on NBC features Element in black and gold sequin dresses.

DVF sequin.jpg



Above: Diane Von Furstenberg and Molly sims sport a classy black sequin look.


Right: Sienna Miller wears a black, sheer outfit and rocks it with gold sequin sleeves.

So wear it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a bootie. Wear it with a blazer and a flare leg jean. Wear it in a body-con dress. I promise, it will be your favorite piece to spice up your outfit without any effort.